With more than 133,000 members, Washington State PTA is the largest volunteer association dedicated to the education, health, welfare, and safety of all children in Washington state. When you join PTA, you support local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.

A WSPTA membership card is valuable! Benefits include local and statewide discounts, advocacy, scholarships, programs, volunteer support, services to local PTAs and councils, and training for PTA leaders. More information regarding discounts can be found on the Washington State PTA website

To become a PTSA member in Riverview, you can sign-up through one or more of the seven school's PTSAs. Please note that PTSA membership is school specific, meaning a membership at Cherry Valley does not equal a membership at Tolt for example. This occurs because each PTSA is it's own non-profit corporation. In addition, each PTSA sets its own membership fee. Some schools that don't have an opportunity for fundraising, rely on a slightly higher membership fee to help cover the cost of PTSA Programs and Activities they support.

Cedarcrest High School PTSA

Tolt Middle School PTSA

Cherry Valley Elementary PTA

Carnation Elementary PTSA

Stillwater Elementary PTSA

Riverview Learning Center PTSA

Eagle Rock MultiAge PTSA