The Riverview PTSA Council Mission Statement is...
to support, mentor, educate and empower Local PTSAs.
We will accomplish this by:
  • Engaging the Local PTSAs.
  • Fostering membership growth.
  • Motivating and encouraging Local PTSAs to participate in all WSPTA
    advocacy efforts.
Riverview PTSA Council Goals 2019-2020
1. Engaging the Local PTSAs
   a. Achieve participation by every Local PTSA at a minimum of one Riverview
       PTSA Council sponsored event, meeting or training.
   b. Council mentorship program.
2. Fostering Membership Growth
   a. Work directly with every Local PTSA to provide membership education
       and strategic planning.
   b. Increase Council membership by 5%.
3. Motivating and Encouraging Local PTSAs participation in all WSPTA advocacy
   a. Increase representation of Local PTSA participation at WSPTA Legislative
       Assembly, WSPTA Focus Day and WSPTA issue submittal from last year totals.
   b. Encourage all local PTSAs to participate or host at least one Family and
       Community Engagement (FACE) event.